Caring for special needs families

One event at a time!

Special Parent's Respite Events

Special Parents is a community service organization that partners with local businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations to provide respite to the parents of special needs children while volunteers provide 1-on-1 care for their children and siblings in an inclusive, special-needs adapted, carnival-like atmosphere. During these events, parents or caregivers enjoy a complimentary afternoon (lunch) or night (dinner) out at the local restaurant of their choice.

A typical Special Parents event accommodates between 100 and 200 families, along with 200 or more guest children, all supported by a team of over 200 volunteers. Since 2010 over 6,000 volunteers have helped provide much needed respite and entertainment to over 2,000 families with special needs children, financed by over $500,000 in individual and corporate donations.

If you or your organization share our Vision for supporting the special needs community and would like to support our Next Event or expansion efforts please consider becoming a Sponsor, Host or Volunteer.

Please enjoy our ‘Special Parents Overview’ and ‘Special Parents Through the Years’ highlight videos and be sure to take a minute to read some of our guest family Testimonials.

Special Parents Overview (2023)